Our Chiropractic, Medical and Pain Management Services

At Palm Harbor Spine Center we have 3 specialties in our offices for your convenience!

We have a Chiropractor:

A Chiropractor's philosophy is based on the fact that the nervous system controls every organ and cell in the body and if the nervous system works at an optimum level, the body will work at an optimum level. Chiropractors focus on correct joint function in the spine, skull and various bones since they are the protectors of the nervous system as it branches into the body's extremities. Our Chiropractor, Dr. Amar Patel, DC is an experienced chiropractor and treats patients with many ailments including sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, neck pain, back pain, headaches, and auto accident injuries. Dr. Patel also performs spinal decompression out of the Holiday office. Spinal decompression can help if you have herniated discs, bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, facet syndromes, or most other types of disc issue. Is your doctor suggesting surgery as an option? Non-surgical spinal decompression may be your answer to avoiding surgery.

We have a Medical Doctor:

A Medical Doctor's care can range from simple care of the common cold to complex disease management including allergies, hypertension, and osteoporosis. The combination of medical care and chiropractic can yield powerful results regarding short-term gains and long-term positive outcomes. Our Medical Doctor, Dr. Sadhana Shah has been treating Floridians for over 20 years has experience in treating auto accident patients.

We have a Pain Management Specialist:

Do you have severe pain that a Chiropractor or MD can not take care of? At Palm Harbor Spine Center we also have a Pain Management Specialist. Dr. Gorrell can perform a large range of diagnostic tests as well as many types of pain injections on-site.


At Palm Harbor Spine Center we work with local orthopedists, neurologists, massage therapists, and attorneys to make sure YOU get the best in your healthcare as possible.

If you require Palm Harbor Chiropractic services and wish to receive the best care, then contact Palm Harbor Spine to schedule a consultation. We also have offices in New Port Richey and Holiday FL.